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The Twins Team at Keller Williams is a real estate group that was founded by twin sisters, Colleen Levitt and Maureen Conwell, in Metro Detroit. They started their real estate career in the late 1990’s selling luxury new construction and joined Keller Williams in 2016.

in 2015, they established The Twins Team and began to grow their business. With Colleen as the Team Lead and Maureen as a partner, they specialized in residential real estate and real estate investment. Over the years, they have built a small but highly successful team that provides excellent service to clients throughout the Metro Detroit area.

In addition to their real estate work, Colleen and Maureen have also created other initiatives within the Keller Williams community. Colleen leads the Keller Williams Investor Group, which is focused on real estate investment education and networking. She also hosts a monthly meetup called “Women, Wealth & Wine” which provides a supportive environment for women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

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